review sheet chapters 1&5

here is a review sheet for the chapters we have gone over so far for exam 1.  we’ll talk more about this in class tonight.

Review Sheet
            -Definitions of child development/ what does it cover
            – nature-nurture debate, both sides and what is the core of the debate
            – Theory- definition, and why we use them
                        -Psychoanalytic theory
                                    – Freud
                                    – Erikson
                        – Behaviorism
                                    – Watson
                                    – Skinner
                        -Social learning theory
                                    – Bandura
                        – Piaget
                        – Bronfenbrenner (just an overview)
       Scientific method
o      Independent and dependant variables
o      Random Assignment
o      Correlations vs experiments
o      Cross sectional vs longitudinal studies
o      Self Reposts and case studies
o      Why research is important.
            -Piaget’s constructionist view
                        -organization, adaptation, reflective abstraction
                        1- Sensorimotor           
                                    – representational thought
                                    – Object permanence
                        2- Preoperational thought
                                    -Intuitive thought, basic logic
                                    – Language. Symbolic play
                                    – Egocentrism, animism
                                    – Conservation issues and centrism
                        3- Concrete Operational thought
                                    – increased logic
                                    – Decentered
                        4- Formal Operations
                                    -Adolescent egocentrism
                                    -hypothetico-deductive reasoning
                                    – Abstract thought
                                    – combinational logic and reflective thinking
                                    – Social vs private speech
                                    – Teachable moments

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