Life Span Development review sheet

Chapter 7
– gross motor skills
-fine motor skills
-Piaget’s preoperational stage- know it
-Vygotsky zpd, language, speech
– familiarize yourself with both memory and language development.
Chapter 8
-Initiative vs Guilt
– Understanding the self and others
– emotions that pop up in this stage/self conscious emotions
– understanding and regulating emotions
– Morality- you need to know morality for both this chapter as well as Kohlberg in chapter 10
-Be familiar with the gender information
– birth order
– play
Chapter 9
       brain development
       Motor development
       Disabilities and ADHD
       Piaget’s concrete operational stage
       Intelligence- this is like half the chapter so it will be on the examJ
Chapter 10
       Development of the self in Middle and late childhood
       Industry vs inferiority
       Emotional understanding changes and empathy
       Kohlberg’s Moral Stages
       Prosocial behavior
       Moral personality
       Peer changes, status, social cognition and bullying
Essay questions: pick 2 and they need to be at least a page and a half each.
  1.  Why is play Important?  What role does it play in childhood development?
  2. What is Creativity? What can we do to foster it in children and what are the positive outcomes of creativity?
  3. How does the “self” develop throughout early, middle and late Childhood?
  4. What is morality? How does moral behavior develop? 

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