some exam review

IN ADDITION to what you studied for the essay questions, you may want to look up some of the following stuff:

Human Development Chap
Piagets theory, and schemas, accommodation and assimilation.
Attachment (everything, but you should have this already from your essay)
self concept and self esteem
Freuds theory of development
Eriksons theory of development (most of it is what it sounds like)

Learning Chap
Classical conditioning and all its components
Operant conditioning, reinforcement, punishment and schedules of reinforcement
Overview of observational learning, Bandura.

Memory Chap
Recall and recognition
encoding (with types), storage, retrieval
maintenance and elaborative rehearsal
episodic, procedural and sematic memory
iconic/echoic memory (literally whats in the slide about it is fine)
Short and long term memory

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