Intro Review Exam 1

intro psych All of this is either in the notes or slides for each chapter. Study all of the following as concepts like we went over in class and not bullet points so that you understand the material and are not just memorizing. If you just memorize it instead of learning it, the test will be harder for you than it should be.

Chapter 1
difference between psychology/psychiatry
what is psychology where does it come from
Theories you need to study
Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, cognitive psychology, Humanism, sociocultural theory, Biological theory, Evolutionary psych, Nature- nurture debate.  Study all of them.
Know definitions for example: theory, hypothesis, population, sample independent/dependent variable, confound/extraneous variable, placebo.
types of research- e.g.: observational, correlational and experimental. study them in as much depth as we went into for lecture.

know all the parts and function of the neuron.
Also know the types of neuron.
Know the different systems- CNS/PNS, Autonomic, somatic, parasympathetic, sympathetic
know all the brain parts and what they do. if we went over it- its probably important.
understand plasticity
Blood brain barrier
Sex and gender.

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